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Shaychu League Questions

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Shaychu League Questions Empty Shaychu League Questions

Post by Dragonartist713 on Wed May 19, 2010 12:04 pm

Please read this entire post before asking a question about the gyms or E4. if your question hasn't been answered yet, then you can post.

Original posts here

Q: Can I have a [insert type here] gym?

A: If the type is not in use by any of the existing gyms then yes you may. Otherwise you'll have to wait for that leader to resign or change their type or pick a different type that isn't in use.

Q: What types are available?

A: Currently the only types available are bug, dragon, fire, flying, ghost, rock, and steel. This will change as leaders change types or are taken over but that is how it stands as of right now.

Q: How do I get a gym?

A: You need to find an open gym in the Gym Forum. If there is one listed, you should post in it to show your interest in gaining leadership. After that, you need to find one of the administrators to try out your selected mono-type gym team.

You may also get a gym by challenging one of the leaders. The battle would be as if you were trying out: mono-team of that type and one wildcard against the leader's team. If you win, you can then change the gym's rules, badge, and/or type. If you lose, you must wait 24 hours to try again. If the leader does not respond to the challenge within 7 days, you get the gym by default.

Q: What should my team be?

A: The team should be well thought-out with at least a basic strategy. It must be a single type (the type you want for your gym) but you're allowed one off-type wildcard pokemon to help you. (An example would be BlitzerSephiroth's old normal team which contained a Gengar wildcard)

Q: Can there be more than one champion or does the latest one take their place?

A: The latest successful challenger would take the place of the current champion. All previous champions are listed in the Hall of Fame forum.

Q: If you beat an elite four do you get a symbol like with badges and where do they go?

A: When you defeat a gym leader or elite four member, their badge/symbol is place in the proper field on your profile. This must be done by an administrator, however, so if you're missing badges you've earned, you may post in the Badge Thread to gain the attention of said staff members.

Q: What does frontier even do exactly?

A: The battle frontier was a failed experiment we tried a while back. It was basically an extension of the E4 in which you battled for the brain's banner instead of badges or symbols under specific battle restrictions (such as NU pokemon only). It has since been deleted due to lack of interest so don't worry too much about it.


post below with any further questions. NOT IN ANY OF THE STICKY GYM THREADS KTHNX

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