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To you newcomers I see.... Offshaychusmall

To you newcomers I see....

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To you newcomers I see.... Empty To you newcomers I see....

Post by indidoge on Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:06 pm

Just in case you decide to visit again and see this.. HI! Welcome to Shaychu! The once great and powerful pokemon forum of the interwebs that has slowly ... died over the last.. idk how many years it's been now! Oddly enough, some of our staff/ old members still come around every once in a while, but activity on the forum is SO VERY VERY LOW Very Happy If you want to start up any discussions, feel free to do so! And if you wanna bring any friends, feel free to do that too! I can only speak for myself, but I promise I'll reply to pretty much everything and anything posted, topic wise Smile I wish we could bring this place back to life, but so many of our old frequent members decided to "outgrow" the game and "get real lives" and jobs and stuff so, meh...

To you newcomers I see.... Pumpka10CLICK. THE PUMPKABOO(S).To you newcomers I see.... Shiny_10

To you newcomers I see.... Alextr10
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