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Lesson 1: Story Writing Guidelines Offshaychusmall

Lesson 1: Story Writing Guidelines

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Lesson 1: Story Writing Guidelines Empty Lesson 1: Story Writing Guidelines

Post by HanoHano on Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:03 am

This lesson is essentially very simple. This just shows you a few tips to make your Fan Ficts look professional. Without completing these steps, you're Fan Fiction may not appeal to certain auidences:

~ Always capitalize 'I'. "i left the house", is never, and in no way correct. Don't forget in Contractions, to capatilize the I in certain scenarios i.e. I'm represents I am. So, the I should be capatilized.

~ Never use Chat or l33t Languages in your story. Nobody wants to read a story and see "0MG m4n.. Th4t 5h!7 w4z H07777!!!!". Seriously, does that look professional? Try and stick with proper english words. Remember, Ain't isn't a word. xD

~ Try to avoid the use of Capital Letters, unless a character is shouting.

~ Only Capatilize the first letter in a sentence, or proper nouns.

~ Since on most forums, the TAB button doesn't indent, simply skip lines between paragraphs. i.e.

"She ran into his arms.

They stood on the Atlantic coast, gazing out to the ocean blue, as a Wailord did a quick flip, sparkled, and fell back into the water."

~ As you see in that paragraph above, try not to repeat one word over again. Instead of saying Ocean/Water three times, I said, "Atlantic Coast, Ocean Blue, and Water". Repetition is failure. :3

~ Try to avoid the use of excessive commas and dialouge. Loads of Dialouge really weighs down a story.

~ Try to avoid using numbers. i.e. 4 Keys < Four keys

~ Assuming the story in on the computer, italics are a great way to emphasize Sarcasm and Thoughts. Aswell, Bold can show force (i.e. yelling), and underlining can show force aswell, but try and refrain from underlining (looks very.. not unprofessional, but weird)

~ Spellcheck your stories before posting them. If you're using Mozilla Firefox, it will show you anyway. If you are not, visit This link to check your spelling

~ Not needed, but technically, you make one space after commas, and two after a period.

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