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Top 10's !!

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Top 10's !! Empty Top 10's !!

Post by indidoge on Mon May 06, 2013 7:19 pm

*cough* this isn't an attempt at revival *cough

HEY GUYS so recently I was browsing around youtube and looking for pkmn x and y news and yada yada yada and I came across a bunch of videos about peoples top tens in regards to pokemon- ie favs, worst .. ALL OPINION BASED Razz so I thought it'd be a nice topic of discussion~~

If you've got the time, I'd love to see which are your top 10's in the following categories! Number 1 being the one that most fits the description

Worst (useless, annoying etc)
Most bad-a$$

These are my personal lists: in order from 1 to 10(most to least)

Typhlosion + prevos
Blastoise + prevos

Worst/least fav/ useless/ annoying (i don't really have an order for these ones except the first. They're def my all time least favourite)
Landorous/ thundorous etc I can't spell their names- aka Old Men on Clouds
Pidove + evolutions
Kricketot and kricketune
Woobat + evoution
Tentacool and tentacruel

Most bada$s
Floatzel (purely because of the fangs. They look cool and mean to me OK)



Top 10's !! Pumpka10CLICK. THE PUMPKABOO(S).Top 10's !! Shiny_10

Top 10's !! Alextr10
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Top 10's !! Empty Re: Top 10's !!

Post by 7 on Wed May 08, 2013 1:00 am

Top ten? Hm. I'll try to do that.

Firefox keeps telling me "favourites" is wrong so whatever. Probably the EN-US dictionary being a pissy little white American inbred. Anyway.
  1. Magikarp is the best, bar none. It's a red carp that uses the most useless move in the entire Pokemon world to jump large mountains. Also, its Japanese name is Koiking -- as in, the king of all koi. That's just awesome.
  2. Flygon has always been on my list of top Pokemon, mostly because it looks nothing like Trapinch, and it was my first Lv.100 Pokemon ever in any game (that isn't R/B).
  3. Crobat is a sleek purple bat. It's fast as heck, and not too bad on the Attack department, either. I know there are better choices for fast Attackers, but I still like Crobat.
  4. Most fire Pokemon would fit this list, but special points go to both Fennekin and Blaziken -- Fennekin for not even being officially in a game yet (also -- literally a Fire Fox huehuehue), and Blaziken for being the first Fire/Fighting. Also it's a giant fighting chicken, so that's awesome.
  5. Scizor looks so amazing. Unfortunately, it's marred by overuse by pretty much everyone, and it's slower than its pre-evolution, but it's still so damn cool.
  6. Volcarona is the greatest new Fire-type because look at it. It's awesome.
  7. Sceptile will forever be the greatest Grass-type. Unmarred by Venusaur's part-Poison typing, undaunted by Meganium's misplaced attempt at cuteness, Treecko looks at its predecessors and Leaf Blades their collective torsos out of the entire ranking. It then looks at the part-Ground Torterra and Smug Snake Serperior, scoffs, and Leaf Storms them into submission.
  8. I...guess Typhlosion? I'm kind of running out, here.
  9. There's a surprising lack of Bird Pokemon. Mad props to Yveltal for not being real yet, but there are a lot of birds I can include.
  10. Tyranitar is totally wicked. Mad props for being one of the few not-Dragon-typed pseudo-Legendaries. Tied: Metagross.

  1. Feebas. The hardest Pokemon to catch in the third Generation; not very easy in the fourth, either. Also, just like Magikarp; however, while Magikarp is so awesome that he doesn't need TMs, Feebas can learn a lot of them. Also, Milotic is awful.
  2. Gyarados. Why make an awesome Pokemon become absolutely terrible? I don't get it.
  3. Any and all spider-based Pokemon. Arachnophobia~! Special minus-points go to Galvantula, who actually manages to trigger my fear sometimes.
  4. Vanilluxe is two ice cream cones fused together, without the luxury of being adorable like Vanillite. Also: Vanillish, the uglier older cousin of Vanillite.
  5. Bouffalant. It's a buffalo. With an afro. After you get over the absurdity of the thing, it's really just boring.
  6. Audino's only strong stat is the stat of getting its torso kicked. Seriously, it has monstrous EXP if you kill it, but that just gives more incentive to kill it.
  7. Foongus is alright, but Amoongus is terrible. It looks like it's constantly sucking something, which is fitting because it always sucks.
  8. Jynx and its evolution chain are terrible. I never was a fan of the ganguro subculture.
  9. Zubat. Caves. That's all that needs to be said on the matter.
  10. Octillery. What.

Most Awesome
I don't even need to censor an expletive!
  1. Magikarp. See the Favorites list.
  2. Hydreigon. It's a three-headed dragon, and like the mythical Hydra, it wrecks your everything.
  3. Eelektross. Ignoring how damn slow it is, it's the only Pokemon with no natural weaknesses and has an amazing moveset. It also wrecks your everything.
  4. Golurk can fly. What the heck, how does it do it. So awesome.
  5. Both Xerneas and Yveltal look awesome, but I like birds better so I like Yveltal better.
  6. Tyranitar and Metagross, as explained in the Favorites section.
  7. Kingler.
  8. Hippowdon of the Gaara of the Desert.
  9. Despite all of Volcarona's glaring weaknesses, it's just so amazing and beautiful. Unfortunately its weaknesses pushed it very far down the list.
  10. Krookodile and Darmanitan are tied, for entirely different reasons. Well. They're both red, so that's not really entirely different.

I don't know why I'm even doing this one. My definition of cute is far different from everybody else's.
  1. Surprisingly, Joltik. It's so small and adoracute, how does it even do that.
  2. Vanillish is a cute ice cream cone, OK? It's adorable, don't judge me.
  3. Squirtle is adorabubble. I know, my cute Pokemon list is weird, but that's because shut up. Shut up is why.
  4. Keldeo's Ordinary Form.
  5. Ralts. Also, Gothorita, but not Gothita.
  6. Meloetta, both forms.
  7. Despite the Pokedex's data entry, Yamask. Tied with Cubone.
  8. Solosis is a cute blob of goo, OK? It's adorable, stop judging me.
  9. Klink. Tied: Turtwig.
  10. Shaymin's Land Forme.

  1. Victini, both for being the first official #000 and being a Fire-type. The whole "victory" schematic also adds to it, but it really reminds me of Richard Nixon. I don't need to be reminded of Richard Nixon.
  2. Meloetta, both for being the last released and one of the most uniquely gimmicky. It's a shame that Ghost-types pretty much shut it down.
  3. Yveltal, both for having a name that's seven letters long and because it's a bird with a very unique scheme. Also, not released yet. Also also, red.
  4. Uxie, but only because it makes me sad. Seriously, it can't open its eyes or else the being it looks at will lose its memories. That sucks. Tied for the same reasons: Mesprit, Azelf.
  5. Regigigas.
  6. Tornadus's and Thundurus's Therian Formes are awesome, shut up.
  7. Arceus is kind of the Pokemon world's main god. Most people would say God as in the Judeo-Christian God, but personally I see him as more like Amenominakanushi. You know, the one that resides in Takamagahara? One of the Kotoamatsukami? ...Shinto?
  8. Genesect is pretty neat. It has a giant cannon on its back.
  9. Ray the Rayquaza, great for wrecking the everything so hard.
  10. Magikarp, duh.

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Top 10's !! Empty Re: Top 10's !!

Post by ♥Qu4ckers♥ on Wed May 08, 2013 6:59 pm

1. Zangoose
2. Zangoose
3. Zangoose
4. Zangoose
5. Clefairy
6. Zangoose
7. Zangoose
8. Zangoose
9. Zangoose
10. Chansey

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Top 10's !! Empty Re: Top 10's !!

Post by 7 on Wed May 15, 2013 7:18 am

♥Qu4ckers♥ wrote:1. Zangoose
2. Zangoose
3. Zangoose
4. Zangoose
5. Clefairy
6. Zangoose
7. Zangoose
8. Zangoose
9. Zangoose
10. Chansey

you're so.......................

Top 10's !! Normal

i'm gonna reach for the stars
(although they look pretty far)
i've never felt like this
i'll keep on running
i've got it in my sight
the colors feel so right

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The Imaginative Warden

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Top 10's !! Empty Re: Top 10's !!

Post by Bibarel on Wed May 15, 2013 5:04 pm


2.Renekton Krookodile
3. Bidoof
4. Tauros
5. Stunfisk
6. Muk
7. Machamp
8. Wailord
9. Huntail
10. Sentret

Top 10's !! NbUckaY
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Top 10's !! Empty Re: Top 10's !!

Post by Shay on Thu May 30, 2013 12:10 am

Making these lists is so hard, I honestly like too many Pokemon. In fact, too many to fit in top 10 lists, but I will try my best. If a Pokemon is found in one list, it won't be found in another. Even though I may think one Pokemon is fit to be in multiple lists, I will only put that Pokemon in one list for the sake of having more options. I am insane.
Favorite Fully-Evolved Pokemon:
  1. Scrafty
  2. TIE: Tyranitar & Hydreigon (These guys could also take the number 1 spot in most awesome)
  3. Heracross
  4. Gengar
  5. Forretress
  6. Breloom
  7. Kecleon
  8. Absol
  9. Sceptile
  10. TIE: Venusaur, Blastoise, & Charizard (cuz who can not love the three original starters?)
Favorite Not-Fully-Evolved Pokemon:
  1. Treecko
  2. Buizel
  3. Sneasel
  4. Piloswine
  5. Scyther
  6. Elekid
  7. Quilava
  8. TIE: Seedot & Bonsly (both plant-like)
  9. Rhydon
  10. Duskull
Most Awesome Pokemon:
  1. TIE: Kingdra, Haxorus, & Garchomp (Kewl Dragon Types)
  2. Zoroark
  3. TIE: Blaziken, Toxicroak & Lucario (BA Fighting PKMN)
  4. TIE: Shedinja & Banette (Ghost pokemon are awesome)
  5. TIE: Volcorana, Darmanitan, & Arcanine (Fire)
  6. TIE: Accelgor & Escavalier (Awesome bug pokemon)
  7. TIE: Skarmory & Steelix (They're made of Steel)
  8. Rampardos
  9. Alakazam
  10. Gliscor
Cutest Pokemon:
  1. Azurill
  2. Minccino
  3. Emolga
  4. Jumpluff
  5. Ampharos
  6. TIE: Furret & Sentret
  7. Mime Jr.
  8. Mantyke
  9. Wurmple
  10. Munchlax (don't really find munchlax that cute, but wanted to slap him on a list.. he should really be in Favorite Not-Fully-Evolved Pokemon)
Favorite Legendary Pokemon:
  1. Shaymin Sky-Form
  2. Suicune
  3. Darkrai
  4. Raikou
  5. Lugia
  6. White Kyurem
  7. Giritina Origin Form
  8. Groudon
  9. Mew (Mew could be in cutest)
  10. Keldeo Resolute Form
Random Pokemon that I like:
  1. Walrein
  2. Noctowl
  3. TIE: Quagsire & Slowbro (both strange water types)
  4. Zangoose
  5. TIE: Excadrill & Sandslash (both digging pokemon)
  6. Slakoth
  7. Cubone
  8. TIE: Smeargle & Meloetta (for being so creative... art & music)
  9. Nidorino
  10. Nosepass

Top 10's !! Darktcnew_zps6jadk0nm
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Top 10's !! Empty Re: Top 10's !!

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