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Pokemon Rumble World Gift Codes Offshaychusmall

Pokemon Rumble World Gift Codes

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Pokemon Rumble World Gift Codes Empty Pokemon Rumble World Gift Codes

Post by 7 on Mon May 04, 2015 11:45 pm

Admittedly they're all really weak by the time you start racking up Pokemon with 300+ power, but they're still useful for racking up a rank. Also, hey, free Pokemon in a free game. What's not to love?

I've been keeping a list since the first time I got an e-mail about it (meaning I actually missed a few Twitter-only ones, bleh). I'm fully aware that there are better lists kept by more reliable sources. *shrug*

You can use the passwords once you get to Adventurer Rank 4. Once you get to Rank 8-ish, though, they aren't nearly as useful, since all of them are around the low-200 rating.

Klefki - 92955036
Doublade - 27418406
Pancham - 18294319
Smeargle - 18014401
Hawlucha - 16638918
Noibat - 33704576
Pumpkaboo - 15681339
Slowbro - 09383536
Zoroark - 56770827
Togepi - 04730723
Eevee - 451777014
Meowth - 70913926
Fennekin - 00633377
Piplup - 18689737
Litleo - 08812138
Chespin - 08804218

And after I posted my list, I found that Serebii's Rumble World codes actually did have a code I didn't (that I edited in for completion's sake): Chespin, who isn't worth it because I have about five Chespin with higher Power ratings at this point. Also from that site I found out that European versions of the game have entirely different passwords. Whoops!

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